Blogging hell


I thought I would just reiterate the purpose of this blog as I seem to be getting quite a few comments voicing concern about me wasting/losing my money/mind etc.

Just to be clear, I am fully aware of the controversial nature of this phone charger – hence the blog!  I’m also aware that 99.9% of people don’t believe it will work as stated – all I am doing is buying it, plugging it into my phone, and blogging what happens.  To that end comments that I receive which are not related to testing will be deleted – I really don’t want to get involved in moderating people’s opinions.

In other news, I have not received a confirmation email yet regarding delivery, and it might be that my charger is not going to be in the first batch to be sent out, which is disappointing – but it is what it is.  I will let you know as soon I get confirmation either way.



Quick update

Just to confirm I have chased Steorn for an update on delivery – apparently this will be in the next few days and I will obviously update you as soon as I know.

In other news I have bought great little in line voltage meter from adafruit industries, measuring voltage, watts, amps, and mAH (you can read more about it here).  I appreciate this may not be the most accurate device, but this testing really isn’t going to be about the detail, its more about whether the thing keeps charging.

Picture of the unit below charging my phone – I will endeavour to discharge my phone each day (which I generally do anyway) and will then plug this in and give readings at the start and finish of charging (and charge time).


Irish Times video

I’ve just seen an interesting video regarding Steorn and the charger on the Irish Times website – check it out here.

Clearly the chargers are ready to be sent out now so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before delivery.

Waiting for Orbo

So 1,200 Euros lighter.. (around £980 where I come from), I am now eagerly waiting for my new Orbo phone charger to arrive.  I appreciate the high price tag would have most of you wincing at the very thought of paying this much for something you can buy for a few pounds – however this is a phone charger with a difference.

This special piece of kit keeps charging your phone (or ipad etc) over and over again without needing to be replenished by any external energy source.  This is a pretty far out claim and has courted a huge amount of controversy, but nonetheless its being sold on a website, I have paid for it, and apparently its going to be delivered to me shortly (!).  The unit comes with pretty standard terms and conditions which state if it doesn’t work, you can send it back – so what is there to lose?

In simple terms the Orbo charger is a stand alone unit with two main components – a battery which acts as a reservoir of electrical power and another unit which charges that battery with a continuous, albeit small, electrical current.  The unit charging the battery is obviously the interesting part – because in scientific circles, having an isolated unit which continually produces an electrical current is not actually possible.  We are all aware you can’t get something from nothing; indeed there are laws in place that deal with this type of thing – the conservation of energy would say a firm ‘no’ to this unit doing what it allegedly does.

Does it have a hamster inside on a wheel? or a more elaborate Tesla type device feeding off power from radio waves?  Well I can’t be certain until I have one in my possession and start testing it out… Hence I’ve decided to start this blog to document my use and testing of my impossible Orbo phone charger.