Good things come to those who wait..

So there’s good news and bad news.. the good news is someone I know has an Orbo charger on its way to them as we speak (which is pretty momentous I think!), the bad news is mine hasn’t been sent yet.

I’ve nagged the Steorn guys again and they have said they will ‘do their best’ to get mine out in the first batch – here’s hoping.

I’ve sorted a usb splitter to power the digg it button.  The digg unit only stays on for a minute or so and doesn’t draw any power when it switches off – but it does recall the number of times it has been pressed when switched on again.   It goes up to 999 – let’s see how far we get..




  1. FC · February 3, 2016

    Good stuff, emso!


  2. Lee Stevenson · February 4, 2016

    I’m following your blog with interest Emso… Just as a matter of interest, does the person you know have the initials F.A. ?
    If so, then apparently the tracking number he received remains blank, meaning nothing shipped yet… ( I suspect it may remain that way! )
    Anyway, keep up the good work! Best wishes, Loonyman.


    • emso · February 4, 2016

      ah, yes – one and the same. That is disappointing, i think he does actually have a shipment number, but it just hasn’t left Dublin yet.. A flight over to Dublin will only cost me £60 or so, perhaps I should go and get it!


  3. Hans · February 4, 2016

    Bad idea. Moletrap Forum member “ping1400” tried to collect and pay an Ocube directly at Steorn’s offices, but they eventually told him he can’t and must use the webstore and pay with credit card.


    • Jonathan · February 6, 2016

      Suspicious that they don’t allow people to pay at site. Maybe they are only going to “ship” these units to international buyers who can’t come over and collect on failed deliveries.


  4. optiongeek · February 6, 2016

    Good things come to those who wait. . . and wait. . .and wait. . .and wait. . .and wait. . .and wait. . zzzzzzz


  5. emso · February 6, 2016

    Well the t&c’s say 6 weeks from payment, so in theory I could be waiting another couple of weeks..


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