Slight delay

Quick update on the Ocube order for you – I have just received the following email from Steorn:-

‘We have shipped two ocubes and have received reports back that the lithium ion battery in the devices is charging to somewhere in the region of 8V, which is well in excess of the safe level of 4.2V.  As a result, we have had to halt any further shipments while we address this. We are currently testing a new configuration with a battery charge controller and these tests will take several more days.  Once we are satisfied that the units are operating as they should we will provide another update concerning shipping etc’

Given the potential hazards of Lithium ion batteries I’m pleased that this is being addressed now, but obviously the delay is disappointing.  It’s also interesting that the tech is ‘over performing’ at the 8V level.

On a more positive note an Ocube has been received by a customer here – so I’m very excited to see one unit out there in the public domain ready to be tested!



  1. Tony Gutierrez · February 10, 2016

    Not good…photos showed a lot of ocubes ready, so now each one would be fixed by hand? Sounds like an excuse to me. They obviously already had some sort of charge controller in them, and now the controllers dont work right? Smells.


  2. Alex · February 10, 2016

    Yes, that’s strange (impossible) that they had not ever noticed this before.
    Also I thought a few batches would have already be shipped.


  3. TSLA_JOEY · February 11, 2016

    I have been calling BS from the start when I heard about the announcement of the official product line, but I really really wanted it to be real.

    I would think that people who are smart enough to invent a perpetual generator would be smart enough to come up with such a crappy excuse. By now they should have thousands of continuous output on many iterations, especially around the final versions and final release units….

    Wouldn’t they have shipped a lot more than 2 units by now? The time it takes to ship and for the 2 users to be advanced enough to use a multimeter to test, all before they could ship 2 units out?

    Why have we not been provided a video of the output to a multimeter? That is so basic and should be a very basic tool for the creators to have and use.

    There is just too much that doesn’t line up….


    • emso · February 11, 2016

      They have produced videos and these are on their Facebook page – but these obviously don’t provide proof – having followed these guys for a very long time they have been very consistent about not wanting to produce products – and having seen this announced and produced in a relatively short period of time (the charger part) – I’m not surprised some issues have arisen. You just have to look at what has happened with the hoverboard to see how disastrous this can be.


  4. Jimbo · February 12, 2016

    They claim to have shipped a large number of these things and yet there is not a single blogger or you tuber showing off an their new perpetual motion machine. Expect delay after delay until their coffers are topped up with new investment money due to the free advertising. At that point the product will be withdrawn and you will get a refund.

    BTW, the person you claim has received there order has not. They are tracking an order that they say has arrived in their state. They have also received word from Steorn that their device is faulty, missing its lithium ion battery, and that they will be sending another one.

    These are delay tactics.


    • emso · February 12, 2016

      I agree that this delay doesn’t look good, however the phones seem to be ok? I will see if I can get one of those while we wait for the charger issues to be fixed. You may well be right – only time will tell. One of the units that has been sent out is being tested despite the missing lithium battery – there is a blog of the progress (linked to in main post)


    • Jimbo · February 15, 2016

      The person you claimed to have received theirs has gone all quiet now? I wonder why.


  5. Hans · February 13, 2016

    No — the phones are broken.
    The Ophone that’s being tested by sexy model Rachell Wallace “Ogirl” has a broken speaker.
    And the Ophone that’s being tested by barkeeper Jen Roe went DEAD after 2 days.


    • emso · February 13, 2016

      Well the speaker was apparently broken on ‘Ogirl’s phone, but the power is still on, which I think is the main point of interest here. I cannot find any confirmation of the second Ophone going dead anywhere.


      • Alex · February 13, 2016

        But the steorn engineers could have swapped also the battery while fixing the speaker.
        Also, they could have swapped the phone altogether with a new one, so the count of days must start again from zero…


      • emso · February 15, 2016

        Yes they could have – I guess that’s why we need multiple real world experiences being seen before people will start to take this seriously.


  6. Hans · February 13, 2016

    Oops, corrections: Rachel, not Rachell, and 5 days, not 2 days.
    Read all about it on


  7. Hans · February 15, 2016

    Surprise — the Ocube contains two standard 9V batteries!!
    Yes, it’s true and confirmed by Steorn.
    Watch the new video on the Orbo Facebook page.


    • emso · February 15, 2016

      I will write something on reference voltage later tonight


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