A fine balance

According to WordPress its been 18 days since my last update so its probably time I wrote something. So testing on Frank A’s blog has proved inconclusive despite Steorn providing a new unit for him to test.  We have not been getting weekly updates from the Ophone users in Dublin, and I still haven’t taken delivery of my Ocube.  So its been a bit of a car crash really – which is a real shame. I have continued to send chase emails to Steorn and in the most part they are answered, however, yesterday I had a formal update that I assume has been sent to everyone with a cube on order:- an offer of a refund, or an Ophone in the next 10 working days with a further wait for the Ocube in the next six to eight weeks.

I’ve confirmed I will wait, but i’m not holding out much hope at this stage in the journey; but at least we are coming to the end of the line.