A fine balance

According to WordPress its been 18 days since my last update so its probably time I wrote something. So testing on Frank A’s blog has proved inconclusive despite Steorn providing a new unit for him to test.  We have not been getting weekly updates from the Ophone users in Dublin, and I still haven’t taken delivery of my Ocube.  So its been a bit of a car crash really – which is a real shame. I have continued to send chase emails to Steorn and in the most part they are answered, however, yesterday I had a formal update that I assume has been sent to everyone with a cube on order:- an offer of a refund, or an Ophone in the next 10 working days with a further wait for the Ocube in the next six to eight weeks.

I’ve confirmed I will wait, but i’m not holding out much hope at this stage in the journey; but at least we are coming to the end of the line.



  1. Alex · March 5, 2016

    Sadly, this is not an unexpected turn of events 😦

    Thanks for the update, emso.


  2. Mark · March 5, 2016

    My advice, for what it’s worth, (or not worth) is to not give up hope, just yet. Personally, I’m angry at Steorn for bungling all of this so badly. You can read about it on my blog, but be warned,that there are a ton of swear words. Here is the link:


    However, I think that whether or not the Steorn dudes are incompetent is a separate question than the question of whether or not they actually have what they say that they have. Some of the testing that Frank did shows some evidence that there might actually be something there. If the Steorn dudes really have what they say that they have, then hopefully they will get there stuff together enough to get some kind of decent market penetration. If they can’t do that, then hopefully someone who is more competent than they are will be able to reverse engineer. Oh, well, I hope that your Ophone works.


  3. optiongeek · March 6, 2016

    I take no pleasure in pointing out this turned out exactly as I predicted: mysterious manufacturing delays with no working units actually shipping. Well, ok, maybe a little pleasure.

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    • Mark · March 6, 2016

      That may not be true. The Steorn dudes claim that sixty percent of the products that they shipped, so far, work.


      • optiongeek · March 6, 2016

        Have yet to see a single verifiable claim of a working. Twitter hash tag #orbo gets you crickets. Face it, just another episode of Steorn doing what they do, punking the world.


  4. Mark · March 8, 2016

    Hey, emso, you have a pretty cool name. Anyway, optiongeek’s comment about supposedly having no verification, so far, got me thinking. Are you, emso, going to be blogging about your Orbo Phone experience, or are you going to wait until the Orbo Cube arrives to start blogging about Steorn products?


  5. emso · March 8, 2016

    yes, thats the plan – i’m going to phone up Steorn as much as possible and complain about the continued delays..


    • Mark · March 11, 2016

      HA! I like that idea: using the phone that they gave you to call up and bitch at them about their product delays! On top of that, the more times that you are able to call them and complain, the more likely it is that The Orbo Power Pack really does work! That’s ironic on multiple levels. Keep us updated on how it all plays out!


  6. Mark · March 31, 2016

    So, Mr. emso, have you given up on Steorn, yet? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. However, there has been some minor good news on the Steorn front, lately. It seems that Frank Acland figured out a way to bypass the problems that the charge controller was causing. Now he claims to be testing an Orbo Power Pack, itself, and he’s claiming that it does seem to be behaving according to how the Steorn dudes said it would. Still, he needs to do a lot more testing before he feels comfortable in being confident that The Orbo Effect is real. I think that some cautious optimism is in order. Check it out:



  7. emso · April 2, 2016

    Hi Mark, no I haven’t given up, although I did seriously consider asking for my money back a few weeks ago. I have checked out the link and that does look promising – so thanks for that. I haven’t posted anything recently as I don’t see the point until I have something in hand!


  8. econundrum · April 12, 2016

    Hi Guys any more news I have popped in and out of following this since their first announcement I’ve seen nothing to convince me that it’s real and considering the fundamental revision to the known laws of physics this device requires to work I’d need a lot of convincing before I gave them any money. Not only an apparently working device but a through examination of the internal workings of the device by independent experts.

    But again we get delays and excuses just like every other time they’ve been about to revolutionize the energy economy.

    I don’t think anything they’ve done over the past few years has added credibility to their claim just the opposite.

    I’d be happy to be proved wrong so I shall come back to see if you guys actually ever get the devices and what your experiences are, but as it stands they started off with low credibility because of the claim and have only become less credible since.

    What I’m wondering is how long they can keep spinning this along.


  9. Conor Kelly · May 10, 2016

    Has there been any update? I’ve been following this blog since the start. Please do stick with it and test the unit when you get it.


    • emso · May 12, 2016

      No update on when the Cube will be delivered. I have been busy with work and haven’t really been paying this any attention – but have sent them an email today to see if they can provide any info.


  10. Mark · May 14, 2016

    Dude, everyone’s going on about this live stream, but something far more significant might have happened while nobody was watching. I went to their online store, orbo.com, and I noticed, for the first time in a long time, that the Orbo products do NOT have the words “Sold Out” underneath them. So, unless there is some kind of an error, then it looks like Orbo products are back on sale! I hope that doesn’t piss you off, seeing as how they’re selling products even though they don’t have yours to you, yet. Then again, maybe that means that they’re not far away from shipping yours to you, and, if you’re lucky, maybe they already shipped it…


  11. emso · May 15, 2016

    Thanks for the heads up.. I hadn’t noticed that – but given what we have seen so far i’m not sure if this means they will be shipping anything soon. I have sent Steorn an email last week requesting an update and I haven’t received a reply yet. I will let you know if I do.


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