That’s all folks..

I got a heads up from a poster on this blog today re an update on the dispatches website..

It appears that the chargers/phones didn’t actually work, and Steorn is now asking for investors to cough up even more money for a new business plan with a 7-10 year timeline (!!)

I really do not get it – they had a trial run of the damn thing last year and it apparently worked – they went into production – manufacturing what appears to have been thousands of these units – did at no point someone double check there was constant output?  what is the verification process within Steorn? does Shaun just say ‘yep its working’ and then everyone there just accepts that?  Good grief.

Anyway, I requested a refund a few weeks ago now (obviously sensing the impending bad news – or maybe just fed up of waiting) – I received an email shortly afterwards confirming that it would be processed.. guess what.. it wasn’t.. sent another chase and they said they would sort it out.. they didn’t.. and my final chase wasn’t replied to at all.

So..  Game Over.

[Ok, so i did buy the charger on my credit card and they are in the process of organising a refund – but still, pretty despicable behaviour on behalf of Steorn]

Further reading at the very comprehensive dispatches website here

I’m sorry this blog never made it (maybe see you in 7-10 years?)