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I got a heads up from a poster on this blog today re an update on the dispatches website..

It appears that the chargers/phones didn’t actually work, and Steorn is now asking for investors to cough up even more money for a new business plan with a 7-10 year timeline (!!)

I really do not get it – they had a trial run of the damn thing last year and it apparently worked – they went into production – manufacturing what appears to have been thousands of these units – did at no point someone double check there was constant output?  what is the verification process within Steorn? does Shaun just say ‘yep its working’ and then everyone there just accepts that?  Good grief.

Anyway, I requested a refund a few weeks ago now (obviously sensing the impending bad news – or maybe just fed up of waiting) – I received an email shortly afterwards confirming that it would be processed.. guess what.. it wasn’t.. sent another chase and they said they would sort it out.. they didn’t.. and my final chase wasn’t replied to at all.

So..  Game Over.

[Ok, so i did buy the charger on my credit card and they are in the process of organising a refund – but still, pretty despicable behaviour on behalf of Steorn]

Further reading at the very comprehensive dispatches website here

I’m sorry this blog never made it (maybe see you in 7-10 years?)








  1. Mark · July 12, 2016

    If it’s okay with you, I’d like to repost the same post that I posted on the Dispatches website. It gives my best guess as to what went on. Here it is:

    Thanks for this update, despite this being quite terrible. Okay, so, here’s my best guess. You can tell me what you think. The Steorn dudes really did run across a revolutionary effect back in the early- to mid-aughties. However, they did not understand, and STILL do not understand, how it works. Because of this, these Orbo Power Packs that they developed started interacting with the other electronic parts of their devices in unexpected ways. They should have studied and tested a LOT more than they did because of this, but, like so many companies, they decided to try to rush their product into the market. Now it is blowing up in their faces. This sounds like it makes the most sense, to me, especially in light of Frank Acland’s testing. I feel compelled to make the point that, while the OCube internals that Frank had, overall, did not work as advertised, one part of the OCube DID seem to work the way that the Steorn dudes said that it would, according to Frank. That part is The Orbo Power Pack. It DOES seem to put out energy, but making use of this energy without causing all kinds of issues with the other electronic parts seems to be where the problem lies. The whole thing is such a shame. I’m really hoping that the secret comes out, so others can try to succeed where these clowns failed. There was a dude who posted on Frank’s site who thought that we could replicate The Orbo Effect with a more “normal” electret. I think that attempts to replicate would be the way to go, at this point.

    So, to sum up, I think that a bunch of incompetent clowns really did stumble (in one of their few good stumbles…) across something revolutionary, but their incompetence caused them to fail to convert. Such a shame…

    Also, this is the kind of time when pseudoskeptics love to come out of the woodwork, so I would strongly encourage you to not allow this site to become a pseudoskeptic insult ground.

    By the way, are they giving you your money back?

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    • econundrum · August 4, 2016

      No I very much doubt the ever ran across a revolutionary affect, either it was a con from start to whenever it finishes and investors do appear to have been taken in based on little or no evidence. Or they just made a mistake in measuring energy it wasn’t producing to start with and when they realized didn’t want to back down so turned it into an investor con. The former scenario is by far the most likley.

      Their behavior is designed to milk investors though not potential customers for their largely imaginary products they knew all along wouldn’t work. Hence the refunds.

      Franks testing shows nothing other than that a potted device containing two nine volt batteries can discharge a small current through an LED periodically for a little while before it stops working. It in no way proves they have produced any type of over unity device.

      Always be wary of a perpetual energy source that seems to need to contain batteries, and doesn’t produce the sort of consistent energy output it’s supposed too. I mean really you think that’s proof, you have a very low standard of proof making you the perfect proponent for them.

      Having an open mind is all very well but you need actually access the evidence presented and I really haven’t seem ANY evidence that they have a working over unity device in the past 10 years. Have an open mind but asses any evidence you are shown critically.

      I still have an open mind by the way though I do currently think it’s a con. If they show me any convincing evidence they have a working over unity device I am prepared to revise my opinion.

      But a video stream of some components hooked up to a oscilloscope is not convincing evidence. Delivering a couple of devices containing batteries that just seem to produce a small discharge, then recharge themselves then produce a small discharge again is not evidence (a small rechargeable lithium cell, a little control circuit and the two nine volt batteries could easily be configured to do that) , particularly when you pot them so people can’t examine them only ever send out a very small number all of which as far as we know quickly failed or failed to work to start with.

      Produce designs for the device, apply for the patent. Then send the plans to the R&D departments of companies like Samsung and other electronic manufacturers as well as universities and tell them to build one and prove that it works for themselves then offer to license it too them. It’s important that other credible engineers not employed by Steorn get to construct it themselves and test the device to prove to them no trickery is involved and it does work.

      Then the scientists can get on with figuring out how it works. That’s what you do if you really stumble on over-unity. Not all this fumbling about which is more what you do if your trying to string out an investor con.


      • Mark · August 7, 2016

        You don’t know what you’re talking about, son. Go away.


  2. Mark · July 21, 2016

    Hey, I have two more questions for you, while this site is still up, if you want to answer them. Here goes:

    1) There was another update on the Dispatches website that seems more positive, and almost seems to contradict some of the things in The Sunday Business Post article, even making it seem like the Steorn dudes are still trying to get their products into the market, even as The Sunday Business Post article said that they are pulling the products. Anyway, the update mentioned that there was one dude who reported that he asked for, and got, his money back. Was that you?

    2) Was that last sentence in the main post a joke, or would you seriously still consider buying one of their products in 7 to 10 years if they come out with something?


  3. econundrum · July 22, 2016

    Tell you what if they did come up with something that actually worked as they have been advertising, the whole world would beat a path to their door in 7 – 10 years.

    However so far they have produced absolutely no objectively verifiable evidence that they have anything that actually works. The potting of the devices the fact that no credible engineer or scientist has ever verified or duplicated their results. The constant stringing along of investors and the unverifiable online demos, even going so far as to ship devices that don’t work to start with or quickly fail and because of the potting could easily contain power cells to make them appear to work for a short time.

    I’m afraid all that suggests a con, I certainly would not invest anything in their company or place bets on them having anything that the ever bring to market that really works at this stage. That said if they do come up with something and it can be examined and replicated by scientists and engineers then why would anyone not become interested again.

    But to be clear I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt for some years, and everything they’ve done has convinced me more and more they don’t deserve it.


  4. Ben · September 22, 2016

    News… Shaun has started a blog and he tweets.


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