Me -V- Steorn Limited

Dear *******, Thank you for using the Courts Service Online system. Your application has been received. We will be in contact with you via this email address in due course to let you know if your claim is appropriate for the Small Claims procedure.

Ok, so there it is – i’ve now started the legal process to get my cash back.  Lets be clear, this isn’t some ‘error’ or ‘mistake’ – they either don’t have 1,200 euros to send me, or perhaps they have all left the building so don’t really give a s**t – or perhaps have the money but don’t give a s**t and left the building.

I have seen Sean’s blog – but those of us who have followed him over the years have seen this all before; build up to the big event – event fails, silence for a while, then re-emergence.  Except this time I doubt there will be any re-emergence – even the most die hard funders must have fallen by the wayside by now – and not being able to send across 1,200 euros would suggest that to be the case.

Its been a while since I’ve been chasing a bad debt, which i used to do as part of my job – I’ve been to Court many a time to deal with people who don’t want/think they should be paying for something – and its quite a bizarre thing when you actually meet them face to face and you realise they actually firmly believe their twisted version of events.

I don’t believe Orbo works, but I believe Sean knows it does, and that’s just the way it is.   I don’t think we are ever going to know any more than that.

When I met Sean for the first time at a presentation in Spitalfields (can’t remember what year), he said to a small group of us after the talk – ‘magnetics can be very tricky, and if you are not very careful you can get fooled’ (or words to that effect)..  was that him setting the stage, or words of a man obsessed?   I prefer to think the latter.




Don’t count your chickens..

Ok, so I got my money back from my credit card company.. well at least for about 6 weeks that is.  I then had a letter from them confirming they would be taking the money out again as I had essentially paid ‘transferwise’ rather than dealing directly with Steorn Limited (?@£$£$%^!@$£%) and my claim was null and void.

I have since sent quite a few further chases to Steorn – and I even had confirmation from Steorn’s CFO that money had been sent as of last week – but still nothing has arrived in my bank account.

I have threatened Steorn with a winding up order, but having set about completing the service documentation for this today, I have discovered that in sunny Ireland, the rules are different to the UK – the minimum you need to be out of pocket by is 10,000 euro’s! (in the uk its a more sensible £750 – and a very effective way of getting your money back).

Anyway, I have filed a Small Claims Court application tonight instead..

What a pain in the arse this all is..