Jesus.. what a year so far, Steorn’s battery charger, Brexit and then this morning my bus driver said “good morning”.. I live in London, this is unheard of.

Anway, it was a good morning, it was friday.

Just to give you all an update – I have been round the houses in my attempts at getting my money back from Steorn.

First I applied online to the Irish Court service which was nice and easy – my application got accepted quickly with a request for further information which I sent by email.   A couple of weeks later I got a call from someone confirming I actually I shouldn’t have applied online at all – the service was for claims within Ireland only, and I should thefefore apply using a written application form on the website – I thought it had all been too easy.

So I went to the website and found there was indeed a link to a pdf form – trouble was when I clicked it I got a 404.  I emailed the Court and asked them to send a form (which they duly did).  Naturally this stayed on my desk for a while without being filled out – and that, ladies and gentlemen,  turned out to be a very sensible approach.  I got another call about a week later (from the Irish Court again) saying I needed to re-submit the claim online in order to proceed..

Conversation went something like this – ‘can you please resubmit your claim, we have unlocked it so you can now proceed’, ‘OK, but someone from the Court told me that I couldn’t apply online and I need to fill out a paper form’, ‘well, yes, normally that is the case, but we can accept this claim’, ‘Ok, great, thanks!’, ‘but having said that it might be better for you to claim through the European Court’, ‘OK, why?’, ‘well its complicated, but they have more powers and protection’, ‘ooh, I like the sound of that.. how do I apply?’..Cut a long story short, I’m claiming through the EU Court Service – I think there may be a good chance of getting my money back – if not from Steorn, then from the Irish tax payer.

Happy days!.  (Unless you are an Irish tax payer).






  1. Mark · November 12, 2016

    That’s good to hear that you’re confident that you’ll get your money back. Shaun hasn’t been commenting on his blog, much, lately. I also read a comment on another website saying that Shaun was listing himself as a “former CEO of Steorn” on his Facebook page, but when I clicked the link to get to Shaun’s Facebook page it did not work, so I could not confirm that to be true. Once again, thanks for keeping us up to date about your efforts to get your money back.

    For some better news, even if Orbo does not work, it might still be possible to build a real perpetual motion machine. After hundreds of years of mainstream scientists saying that real perpetual motion machines can’t work, two mostly mainstream scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have come out, publicly, and said that they found a “loophole” in The Second Law Of Thermodynamics that will allow for the possibility of real perpetual motion/overunity machines, under some circumstances. They claim to have already worked out the math, and the next step is to build an actual proof-of-concept machine. Check it out:



    • emso · November 16, 2016

      I think I have my fill of overunity devices for one lifetime. Its a real shame, but it was always just hope.


  2. Mark · November 14, 2016

    It’s going from bad to worse, it seems, for Steorn. Check it out:


    Well, I hope that this will allow the secret about how they made it work the way that they did come out. If this is a real overunity machine, then open-sourcing it would be GREAT! However, if this really was all just some kind of mistake, then, hopefully, getting the secret out will help us to understand what the mistake was. Then again, if it was fraud, then, hopefully, getting the information out will help the government build a better case against those involved in the conspiracy.


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