bad decisions

So Steorn are no more, finished, shuttered up..  its a great shame – but for me, its good to finally have closure on this – I still hope to get some money back and will register as one of the creditors.

A lesson learned in life’s journey – people can convince themselves of almost anything, and that belief can be infectous.

It would be good if Shaun did come clean about what actually went on – hoax, measurement error, too many pints of the dark stuff?  I’m certain we will never find out.

I hope they can all move on and do something a little more constructive.


One comment

  1. Mark · November 18, 2016

    It’s disheartening to see you becoming so convinced that there was nothing to Orbo, especially since you were, obviously, at one point, open to the possibility that it worked. I agree that you’ve been treated badly, and I think that McCarthy is NOT a good guy, given how he treated you, and some other things that he has done. However, I think that that is a separate issue than whether or not it works. I encourage you to NOT allow your personal bad experience with these people to turn you off from the possibility that there really is something to their technology, albeit something that was difficult for them to harness for practical purposes. I also encourage you to keep a more open mind when it comes to other types of overunity machines.


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