I have been following Steorn since I read a very short newspaper article about them in 2006 – then claiming they had found a magnetic anomaly which produced an excess of energy.

Their business plan was to licence the technology, but their attempt at an ‘educational’ format (teaching others about the anomaly) didn’t work out and they went quiet for a number of years (much to the delight of those who suggested it was all a load of baloney). However, towards the end of 2015 Steorn surprised us with the announcement they had actual products on the way.  They confirmed this was simply to get their licensing model off the ground – the products were to provide some much needed faith in the Orbo tech.

I am not an investor of Steorn, nor do I have any relationship with the company other than a keen interest in seeing how this story unfolds.


One comment

  1. Matt Billings · February 1, 2016

    Hey, I love this little WordPress site you’ve setup. Keep us informed & thanks a billion for taking the plunge. I would assume most cannot afford it. I think it’s gonna work. If it doesn’t, that red thing is gonna be worth a fortune someday. It IS the first free energy device ever sold on the market.


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